Rotherfield Community

Here you’ll find lots of information about our local community including businesses, services, clubs, societies and other activities taking place in the parish.

You can keep yourself up to date with what’s going on and we always welcome receiving fresh information and news that you think might be of interest.

The vitality of a community is inexorably linked to the prosperity of local businesses, many of whom provide support for community activities as well as providing employment to village residents.

There are as many businesses located in the surrounding countryside of Rotherfield as there are in the village itself. From the wine making at Davenport Vineyards to custom made furniture at Bayham Pine, the antique shops in Rotherfield High Street to the award-winning Cuckoo Line stores in Town Row, a wide variety of businesses prosper in Rotherfield parish.

We encourage fellow residents and visitors to the area to support our shopkeepers and all the other businesses operating in Rotherfield to ensure that our local economy stays healthy and continues to grow, which is to everyone’s benefit.

So please browse the Community Pages and keep that information flowing.